Trump's Vacation. How Donald Trump Spent His Vacation Time

In his 2004 book "Think Like a Billionaire", Trump offers this advice: “Do not take a vacation. What's the point? If you don’t like your job, you’re not doing your own business.” .

How Donald Trump Spent His Vacation Time

Trump has various vacation options, as he owns homes in several states, including Florida and New York. Perhaps he will make short trips to the city of New York to visit his wife and younger son, who will stay there at least until the end of the school year.

Where Donald Trump Spent His Vacation?

Trump prefers to spend vacation time in his own residences. This is the so-called "Winter White House" on Palm Beach in Florida and the Bedminster Residence in New Jersey. Trump's possessions include numerous golf courses - this is the president’s favorite game. Sometimes he combines work and a hobby: for example, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came to the United States on an official visit in the fall, but instead of official talks Trump arranged a duel with him.

Journalists say that since January 20, when Trump got the position, he went on vacation about a hundred times. Journalist Mikhail Taratuta believes that there is nothing wrong with this: “Let's say President Reagan has also rested a lot, but he is considered one of the best presidents in the last half century. Therefore, I do not see any advantages or disadvantages for evaluating the work of the president in that he spends a lot of time on his estate in Florida playing golf. ”

Trump's Vacation

Journalists of The New York Post fended off: before the presidency of Trump on Twitter, he criticized Barack Obama for not spending much time on work - the ex-president often walked in the mountains with the family and surfed in Hawaii - by the way, he still enjoys it. Angela Merkel is also very fond of hiking in the mountains: for nine years she and her husband have been traveling to South Tyrol at the same four-star hotel. Vyacheslav Smirnov, director of the Institute of Political Sociology, tells about the hobbies of some other politicians: “President Poroshenko loves hunting lodges. Lukashenko loves sports recreation, loves hunting. Saakashvili, when he was president of Georgia, loved to rest in the Emirates and in Greece. In Asia, it is generally accepted to relax on the territory of your country. When the king of Saudi Arabia visits other countries, entire hotels are evicted, entire territories are enclosed. ”

“Given the burden of responsibility lying on their shoulders, the presidents should be able to have some fun and rest in the intervals between the performance of their duties. All of them leave office with gray hair, ”says Ferris. “I think they have a right to some rest.”

Due to the partial suspension of the US government Trump canceled the trip

US President Donald Trump has no plans to leave for Florida, where he usually spends his vacation.

This information was confirmed by Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders, who said that “at the moment the president has no plans to go to Mar-a-Lago in the coming days,” reports TASS.

Earlier, Trump had planned to go on vacation for two weeks in Mar-a-Lago, where he was going to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays. However, due to the partial suspension of the US government, he canceled the trip.

The United States has not yet adopted a budget for the 2019 fiscal year. The reason for this - the differences between Democrats and Republicans over the construction of the wall on the US border with Mexico.

President Donald Trump, like many Washington residents, is leaving the city in August to escape the heat.

However, his vacation will not be short. The president will spend 17 days at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, which the White House calls "working holiday."

Trump's almost three-week vacation leaves little to fit with the image of a man who paints himself as a tireless worker, which has already caused more than one sneer.

On the other hand, as the administration official, Lindsay Walters, notes, the departure of the president from the White House is part of the planned renovation. All employees of its western wing (where the office of the President of the United States is located) are to vacate the premises in August, since the old heating pipes, air conditioners and ventilation systems that have served for 27 years will be replaced there.

Media: Trump spends too much time on vacation

The American press drew attention to the fact that US President Donald Trump spent on vacation about a third of the time of his presidency, going on vacation to his private property, although during the presidential campaign he promised not to be distracted from public affairs.

Trump's Vacation

The New York Post reproached US President Donald Trump that he likes to relax too much. As the newspaper draws attention, Trump, who assumed the presidency on January 20, 2017, spent about a third of his presidential term on vacation in his private possessions. For example, currently Trump's vacation, taken on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, is taking place in Florida. There, the head of state is going to stay for 10 days.

According to information available to the publication, during 2017, Trump traveled to his private property about a hundred times: he spent about 40 days playing golf at his club in New Jersey, and spent 40 more days at the Florida estate, which received nickname "Winter White House".

The newspaper points out that the love of spending time outside the presidential residence was typical of many American leaders. For example, George W. Bush preferred to rest in Maine, and Barack Obama - in Hawaii. However, they, unlike Trump, did not stay in their own homes.

It is worth noting that during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly criticized Obama, reproaching him for spending too much time playing golf. The Republican promised that, becoming the head of state, he would rarely leave the White House because of the large employment. By the way, his predecessor for the first six months of work was seen with a golf club only 11 times, while Trump, according to journalists, played golf more than 50 times in the first six months since inauguration.

Is it normal for presidents to go on vacation?

The tradition of presidential leave dates back to George Washington, who preferred to spend time on his Mount Vernon plantation on the Potomac River.

And there are exactly as many disputes on this issue.

When Philadelphia was still the capital in 1797, and tensions were growing in relations with France, President John Adams was criticized for spending several months at his home in Massachusetts, where his sick wife, Abigail, was located.

President Harry Truman preferred the palm trees of Key West in Florida, while Ronald Reagan constantly left for his California ranch to ride his horse, occupy himself with fixing the fence and trim the bushes, writes Lawrence Knutsen, a member of the White House History Association.

There are famous photos of tanned John Kennedy in a country house in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and George Bush, who are vacationing at his residence in Kennebunkport, Maine.

President Richard Nixon distributed the rest between his two "summer houses" - in Biscayne Bay in Florida and in San Clemente, California, which even led to investigating how millions of public funds were used to improve both residences and strengthen their security, in particular building a floating helicopter landing pad in Biscayne Bay.

Why Americans are not taken vacation? 

The United States is the only developed country where vacation is not a mandatory requirement of a labor agreement, and therefore the American work ethic seems to be somewhat strange to foreigners.

According to the European Economic Policy Research Center (CEPR), in most European countries, employees are legally required to have 20 or more days off per year.

Australia and New Zealand also require employers to provide their employees with at least 20 vacation days per year; the French get 30 vacation days, and the Swedes five weeks of vacation each year.

In the US, on the contrary - most Americans take only two weeks a year, although some do not allow themselves and this for fear of losing their jobs.

According to the special project of the American Tourism Association, in 2016, 54% of working Americans completed the year, having unused vacation days, which together amounted to 662 million days.

In fact, according to the US Department of Labor Statistics, almost a third of all workers do not receive paid sick leave, and more than 25% do not take any days off.

States such as California and New York made some changes in this situation, obliging employers to provide paid sick leave.

At the same time, according to the report of the online resource for employment Glassdoor, 66% of Americans said that they continued to work during last year's vacation.

So let's see how much of his "working holiday" Donald Trump will spend driving the country, rather than playing golf.