Donald Trump Signature. What's in a President's Trump Official Signature?

President Donald Trump signed his first official documents as the 45th president of the United States after being sworn in on Friday, and his unique signature immediately became a hot topic of discussions.

President Trump may own the most powerful signature in the world, but it resembles more a wildly fluctuating seismograph reading from a powerful earthquake. This is quite an autograph!

Donald Trump’s signature – here is what handwriting analysis reveals about the President’s autograph

His official signature—a jagged, loop-less scrawl reminiscent of a seismometer reading from a catastrophic earthquake—took about six to seven seconds and over 30 strokes to complete. In comparison, his predecessors including left-handed Barack Obama took a second or two to scribble their executive marks.

Tracy Trussell, of the British Institute of Graphologists, has looked at Trump’s signatures and said that the way he writes indicates a lot of characteristics about the US President.

Donald Trump has signed many executive orders since he took office but in some cases his signature has attracted more attention
Donald Trump has signed many executive orders since he took office but in some cases his signature has attracted more attention

Ms Trussell said: “His signature transmits wild ambition, dynamism, bravery and fearlessness.

“He's hungry for power and has both determination and stubbornness in spades.”

She added that her assessment of his writing style suggested he wasn’t much of a listener but “undoubtedly a tough negotiator – he excels at being hard lined, bold and direct.”

Trump's use of large letters indicates the writer is very outgoing and loves a lot of attention.

If a writer leaves narrow spaces in between each letter it suggests they can't stand to be alone.

His signature transmits wild ambition, dynamism, bravery and fearlessness.
Trump's signature transmits wild ambition, dynamism, bravery and fearlessness

Handwriting which shows heavy pressure writing is a mark of someone who is good with commitment and taking things seriously.

Handwriting analysts have already put the presidential signature under the microscope.

America’s Politico Magazine interviewed an expert who detected in Trump’s writing evidence of “bigheadedness, anger, and fear.” “The writer lacks empathy and craves power, prestige, and admiration,” the expert said, before observing that Trump’s oversize P—as in, uh, president—might be compensating for something.

Trump's giant signature
Trump's giant signature

Trump's handwriting is hard angles, lack of lightness and flexibility. The complete absence of rounded elements and a thick touch indicate a strong stress. It is interesting to note that his handwriting consists entirely of capital letters in which there is no vertical line, that is, the lower and upper processes of the letters.

There are processes in the signature, but the middle zone is still expressed.

Handwriting experts decipher Trump's grand signature
Handwriting experts decipher Trump's grand signature

Such a person shows himself in action, but does not reveal to those around him either his desires or the thoughts that produce his behavior. He does not have sympathy, he is a cold man. The character is expressed in total self-control and the need to control everything that happens around. His style of government is authoritarian. The caption consists entirely of corners - the letters are very narrow, sharp, unreadable. We see a scratching stroke, a signature is completely different from handwriting. It speaks about the sharpness, intransigence, categorical nature, translates leadership confidence. Such a person, having a definite idea of ​​fix - I am sure that he has it - he is not only not going to back down, he can step over other people to achieve a goal.

The big difference between the way the handwriting and the signature look speaks about the imbalance of the internal and external "I". This person is unpredictable and will not indulge anyone.

Trump signed an official memorandum before the cameras
Trump signed an official memorandum before the cameras

In cursive penmanship, efficient connecting loops make writing faster and allow space between letterforms to increase legibility. Of course, signatures don’t have to always be legible, or particularly pretty—unless you’re appointed Secretary of the US Treasury, when your scrawl will be immortalized in banknotes. For executives, book authors, celebrities, presidents, or anyone approving a lot paperwork, the key factor is speed. The efficiency of a drawn out signature comes into question as Trump will have to sign thousands of documents by hand—a point he belabored when he presented a table stacked with documents at his Jan. 11 press conference. Gesturing to the six piles of manila folders, Trump said, “these papers are just some of the many documents that I’ve signed turning over complete and total control to my sons.”

At 70, it is unlikely Trump would be able to change his handwriting. His jagged signature has already given Twitterati a handful of reasons to poke fun at the world’s most powerful man.

Sincerely Donald Trump
Trump's Signature: Sincerely, Donald J. Trump

Handwriting analysts or graphologists glean clues to one’s personality by looking at pen strokes. Seifer sees Trump’s strokes as a mirror of his leadership style. “I also noticed that the last letter ‘d’ is made by moving to the left instead of the right, which reflects his nature, which goes against the grain,” he notes. ”The use of all angles relates to his aggressive nature and tendency to see things black or white, one way or the other, with little room for compromise.”

Michelle Dresbold, who learned how to analyze documents from the US Secret Service, says one’s signature is a “brain print.” The teenage ritual of ”designing” our signature—testing out different swashes, strokes, and flourishes and committing them to muscle memory—is a form of self-exploration, she explains. “You put everything about yourself on the marks you put on a page.”


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