Donald Trump Height. Trump's Medical Report. How Tall is Trump?

Donald Trump's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2 (188 cm)

American Real Estate Tycoon, TV personality from The Apprentice and the 45th President of the United States of America. He is quoted as saying in The New York Times, "Hey, I'm 6 foot 3". In his 2016 medical files, his Doctor claimed he was "6'3" tall and weighed in at 236 pounds (239 pounds in 2018), although when photographed with a 6ft 2 measured Athlete in 2012, that claim seems unbelievable. Trump's own Driving License listed him at 6ft 2 and was also recorded at that height at age 22. 

The network ridiculed the results of the medical examination of US President Donald Trump. According to users, the growth policy is much lower than stated, and the overall зphysical form leaves much to be desired.

Users of social networks drew attention to the results of the medical examination of the US President. In particular, the height and weight of Donald Trump provoked a stream of jokes from bloggers. The head doctor of the White House said that the head of state is 75 inches tall - about 190 centimeters. Users do not believe that Trump is really so tall. As evidence, users began to publish joint pictures of the current president and Barack Obama, whose height is 184 centimeters. The photos show that the policy of one growth.

The reason for the many jokes and became the weight of Trump. According to the doctor, he is 239 pounds (108.5 kilograms). For comparison, bloggers began to publish photos of Trump in open clothes and pictures of athletic men with the same weight.

Earlier, doctor Ronnie Jackson, who was in charge of checking the health status of a politician, said that the US president could have lived to 200 years if he had followed a healthy lifestyle in the past. In general, according to the physician, 71-year-old Trump has excellent health and can perform the duties of the head of state.

Journalists asked the doctor how a hamburger lover was able to maintain such health. As Jackson noted, Trump has “God-bestowed gorgeous genes.” In addition, the doctor dispelled rumors about problems with the head that the politician allegedly has. Trump successfully passed the complicated test and scored the maximum possible number of points. It is noted that the president himself insisted on passing this test.