Is it cheating to buy an essay online?

Writing an essay is the most important part of being a student. I can say this because paper writing assignment such as writing an essay is the way for teacher to assess how far your ability to understand the material is.

However, with so many other assignments yet a very limited time to do all of the assignments, the only way for some students to submit their essay writing assignment is by buying an essay online. This kind of way of writing essay has been used by a lot of students, even students who are pursuing their master degree. Why?

The reason is very simple. This is because at the end of the semester, when the essay assignment is being given, there will not be one teacher or lecturer who will give you the essay assignment. There will be like two or three teachers or lectures give the essay assignment.

Some students say that they are having a difficult time in working on their essay assignments. Thus, the only way to submit the essay assignment is to actually ask some people to write the essay. This is not considered as cheating since what those people do is just writing the essay not working on the essay.