MOOCs and Your Career

How are MOOCs viewed by employers? How do they fit into career advancement? You still need a degree, but just how great of an opportunity can MOOCs be?
MOOC or Massive Open Online Course, is a usually free online course open to anyone and potentially having a huge number of enrolled participants.


MOOCs and Your Careerarrow
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MOOCs Today

MOOCs are:
Over 200 universities
Offering 1200+ courses
By 1300+ instructors
to 10 MILLION students

Provided by:
Coursera: 47%
edX: 8.3%
France Universite Numerique: 2.2%
CourseSites: 3.2%
Miriada X: 6.8%
Open2Study: 3.5%
Canvas Networks: 8.5%
NovoEd: 2.1%

Humanities: 20%
Computer Science/Programming: 16%
Business and Management: 15%
Social Sciences: 5.7%
Engineering: 5.1%
Math and Statistics: 6.6%
Education and Teaching: 8.6%
Health and Medicine: 11%
Science: 11%

3/4 in English
Other providers in: Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, and Arabic


Getting the Job

Only 3/10 employers know about MOOCs
But with an explanation, 3/4 employers believe applicants taking job-related MOOCs are perceived positively or very positively(according to one large study)

With nearly endless course options…
Why not advance your career with MOOCS?

–> These industries are particularly likely to view job-related MOOCs positively.

Employer still not impressed?

The number of certificate and for-credit MOOCs are increasing.
With facial recognition and analysis of student typing patterns to verify identity.

How Employers Can Use MOOCs

70% of the largest corporations in America believe they can integrate MOOCs into their own company’s learning programs.

“Flipping the classroom”= Swapping classrooms for homework. This allows students to work at their own pace and not be slowed down.
Semi-synchronicity = new recruits have a steady group of cohorts with which to learn and get acquainted with the company
Credentials = A set of standards those who pass the course must meet.

Mcafee sales associates attribute an average of $500,000 per year in sales to skills they learned in their MOOC-inspired training program. [6]

57% of some of the nations largest corporations believe they could use MOOC’s for recruitment in the future.
— Tip:Have a “MOOC of the month” that gets sent to employees in group emails. Build at-work events around the course.

Career Development

MOOCs can give you monetizable skills.

Low costs
Extreme accessibility
Customizable pacing
Interactive Tools
A community of learners

The Most Popular MOOCs

  1. Introduction to Databases, Coursera
  2. University Spanish Level 1, Instreamia
  3. Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
  4. English Composition 1, Canvas Network
  5. Introduction to Finance, Coursera
  6. Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics, Coursera
  7. Algorithms, Part 1, Coursera
  8. 6.00x:Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, edX
  9. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python, Coursera
  10. Art Appreciation, Canvas Network


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