Top 5 Online Schools With Affordable Degree Programs

The Search Begins
You’ve been thinking about doing it for a long time; thinking about quitting your dead end job and going back to school, or maybe you are preparing for your high school graduation, money is tight, but your understand the need for your extended education. In this day and age, all of us know it boils down to a financial juggling act, especially if you truly desire to better yourself and your future.

In this day and age we also have the gift of technology, and while the a large variety of online colleges, you are only interested in affordable online colleges. Not cheap in quality by any means, however, it needs to be cheap in price.

We have done a bit of investigating for you, offering not only a list of the 10 most affordable online colleges, but we have added additional emphasis on some of the best, as well as affordable, online colleges. While all of the colleges we will discuss offer quality education, we will elaborate on some of those most preferred.

The numerous benefits of earning an online degree are what make them so attractive to people with busy lives earning a living or trying to keep a family afloat. It enables one to stay home with the kids, save on gasoline and driving time in addition to allowing you to work at your own pace. These programs offer so many different options. So, lets jump in and start narrowing down what’s best for you!

They May Surprise You!
The following is a list of the most affordable online educators we dug up in our research. We will expand briefly on the top 5 afterward. 1=Most Affordable.

  • 1. University of Wyoming
  • 2. Western Governor’s University
  • 3. Oregon State University’s eCampus
  • 4. Fort Hays State University
  • 5. Walden University
  • 6. Capella University
  • 7. Columbia University
  • 8. Herzing University
  • 9. American Intercontinental University
  • 10. Colorado Technical University


Now, Lets Break This Down!
Some of these are surprising, not to mention somewhat comforting. We’ve heard of most of them many times before. These educators offer quality online degrees that are as good as gold, with thorough lessons and a completed education that your earned at your own pace at your own time.

So let’s get to know some of these options at a deeper level. We will expand on the first five schools. Keep in mind that we are discussing some of the best online educations offered today, and rated for affordability.

1. University of Wyoming

There are degrees offered by this program that enable you to complete your bachelor’s degree online. If your desire is to earn a degree in nursing (BSN Completion or RN), or if you are focusing on Business Administration, these are programs can be earned entirely on line. Psychology, Criminal Justice or Education are also offered online, however, training is required on site.

Tuition varies at the University of Wyoming, depending on whether you are a Wyoming state resident or not. Residents pay $106 for each credit; non-residents pay $152.

Requirements include a high school GPA at 3.0 or above, a ACT of 21, as well as a few additional test score requirement. Student age average is 33 years.


2. Western Governor’s University

Offering a variety of degrees to choose from, ranging from several teaching programs to programs in many different areas of the medical field. This school has been structured to serve men and women who need to work while they learn. There are no score levels to meet for enrollment, however you must provide the school with transcripts as well as attend any interview process required. The price? $3000 every six months.


3. Oregon State University eCampus

This educator offers many different bachelor degree programs, from Business to Psychology to Anthropology. They offer online undergraduate degrees numbering 16 total. They are proud of their focus and thoroughness regarding research, and have very particular requirements for admission, including having kept a 3.0 GPA in a total of 15 different subjects. Also required are essay questions, which are to be included with a resume.

Students who live at a distance are required to pay an extra fee, included in the $260 per credit tuition.


4. Fort Hays State University

At Fort Hays, degrees which are available to earn include Hospitality Management, Business Education and Sociology, as well as Education, Philosophy and Marketing, just to name a few. They also teach numerous different aspects of Education, including Elementary, Special, and Early Childhood educations. Students may also opt to add a General Studies degree.

Tuition to attend Fort Hayes online is $4,233 a year.

5. Walden University

Available Bachelor’s Degrees you can earn at Walden include Psychology, Nursing, Political Science, as well as Child Development, Health Studies and Criminal Justice. They offer numerous other courses as well, and also have Master’s and Doctoral programs for students as well.

While the tuition to attend does indeed depend on what degree you are working toward earning, it could possibly be as low as $290 for a credit hour, making Walden literally one of the most economical online schools you can choose to attend!

Working men and women often opt for Walden due to the extensive variety of degrees the offer. If you are at least 24 years of age and a high school graduate; you can be accepted if you are under 24, granted you have 12 college credits under your belt at the time of admission.


Check It Out, Whatever You Choose!
Further research on your own will allow you to narrow down what will fit your individual needs and desires. Finding a school that fits in your wallet is not only possible, it has been realized. We encourage you to embrace the journey in front of you and just dive in. You most certainly will walk away stronger, better and more confident in the future you can provide for yourself and your family. Go for it!