Top 10 Most Affordable Online Colleges for 2019

Earning a degree can be a rewarding experience for those who try hard and have set goals in place to be achieved afterward. Every student should feel the gratitude of completing their studies and the welcome made by the workforce once you are eligible to enter it with the right education credentials.

What no student should have to do is live in fear for four years in college and then for many years later when school costs are still a looming factor to daily life. So what this resource here will help you to do is find the right, low-cost university program provided as an online course. This will help to eliminate the stress of paying for a solid education.

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The basic criteria used to create this great list for an affordable online degree varies. The lower the cost, the better chance the university has of appearing here. Low cost will refer to application fees, cost per credit and annual cost for online schooling. So as a foundation, cost is the primary quality that gives any university its opportunity to appear here. Just realize, however, this list does not compromise quality education in order to ensure that costs written below will stay low.

Though costs are reasonable and intended to empower a student’s ability to pay for school, this list is still a wonderful source for finding reputable and quality education. The low cost that you will find is therefore based on a ranking system that includes a few more attributes beyond price for the intent of offering great education without the insecurities of increasing debt.

So in addition to amazingly low costs, this list will also take into consideration how well a staff responds to student needs, the percentage of graduates that find jobs with a particular course, the competitiveness of an online study program and the wide array of programs that a specific university offers for online education.

In addition, you will find that some programs have appeared because of their involvement in the world, their ability to be technologically advanced or their reputation for offering the best qualification known within a particular field. If you are seeking out an online program of qualified study materials for a reasonable price, then you will want to continue reading to empower your future.

Baker College

Baker College




Accounting is a very competitive field. Not only will it be so against other accountants looking for work, but a business’s numbers are a very big responsibility. The reasons businesses are created is in order to turn a reasonable profit. With this degree, you’ll be qualified to project the bottom-line of any fiscal year and help your employer reach their financial expectations. You’ll be able to manage the spending a company makes by simply understanding how their financial numbers truly work.

When looking at figures and intervals of financial sums, it becomes easy to lose your place and point of reference. This is especially true when ambitious CEOs and CFOs hope to do great things for a large corporation but only have few funds to do them with. You will help your employer keep their expectations within a reasonable range by showing where strengths and weaknesses of a business are when the financial numbers are put to play.

This employment field is competitive because people who are focused on details are the candidates that are chosen and employed. That detailed-oriented skill is what you will undoubtably learn at Baker College. What’s best of all is that it is an affordable online course that will offer you a great opportunity without hurting your pockets or your ability to pay back a loan.

It’s a sound opportunity that Baker College is offering: an online bachelor course for accounting. Their online accounting bachelor degree is offered to set and build the proper foundation you will need in a competent work environment. Like all of Baker College’s online courses, this degree is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

The entire course is taught by qualified people in the accounting industry. This translate to teachers and professors who are also financial professionals. We tend to hear a great deal about professors who are teaching because they are not successful in their field. Well at Baker, those who teach accounting are simply inspired by the field and are eager to help others break in.

Though competitive, as a career, accounting can be rewarding financially and passionately. This course will teach basic concepts, but more importantly, they will be taught and then challenged in real life situations. The complexity of accounting is not only in reading numbers. It is doing so when the well being of a group or company is on the line. Be assured that when you graduate this course, you’ll be ready for any “combat under fire.”

With Baker Online, you have the freedom to earn a degree on your own terms.

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Columbia College

Columbia College

Columbia College is simply a great affordable university when taking advantage of their online course materials. With rates as low as $245 per credit, any person will be able to manage their tuition or any loans after graduation. Who needs to be bogged down with heavy loans after working so hard in college? What makes Columbia College stand out from the rest is the large inventory of classes that are offered online. What’s your desire?

Pick, choose and even try expanding your potential by experimenting with other options. With such a large selection to make at Columbia, you’ll be able to surprise yourself. Their database excludes very little, and this will enhance your potential career fields. Just make sure that you check out our link and dig deep into the possibilities. There is surely a course suitable for the field you’re pursuing.

Their graduate courses run at as little as $345 for each credit. This is a great price range when you consider the potential of a two year course. If you are thinking about this university, you will not be limited to only considering it for an undergraduate’s degree. With a broad opportunity of numerous classes and degrees; and its great, affordable pricing, Baker College is a university best used with a sense of longevity.

Stick it out with this university and see the payoff down the road of life. We already know the potential costs of education, how high they can go and where that leaves the person responsible for paying for it out of their own pockets. By taking advantage of a longterm mindset with Columbia College, you’ll be able to structure a solid plan for education that will start in undergraduate studies and finish with a graduates degree. You and your family will be proud. You will also being doing it all online.

The opportunity the school offers is not a small thing to be overlooked. Your financial future starts today and not after you’ve enrolled in college. As other students are racking up tremendous debt, you’ll be able to receive the same—a times better—education as your competitors in the work force.

While they will be eating noodles as they emerge into the work force, you’ll be able to get a steak now and again. Sure, you will have costs to pay, but it will be manageable with online courses at Columbia.

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Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University actually has great rates, and they are modestly set at the second lowest price we were able to find according to our criteria. For just $184 for each full credit, you’ll be able to jumpstart your education with little money and a full staff who will offer tremendous support throughout your journey.

You will need their support when you take that first step on the path to a wondrous future. Knowledge is power, and you will be educated properly through this online service at Fort Hays State University. Everyone here is eager to make your future the brightest.

What you will find available for online materials and degrees is from a pretty fair collection. The online courses that you can find here include: various business and education specialities. Information technology is huge; philosophy, nursing and psychology are not only great fields, but they are fields where you can get a quality job within.

The reason we obtain such qualified means of education is to prepare a competitive edge needed to work and for when we are seeking employment within the workforce. Hence, the prior list of available online degrees will be the right training and education for taking your career to where it needs to be.

Out for the forty different fields-of-study through Fort Hays online programs, you can study at anytime as well as go at the pace that your personal responsibilities will allow. If you can finish fast, you should go right ahead and do that. If it takes a bit more time while having your great goal in mind, then keep to your dreams until you finish your program at Fort Hays State University.

As you are considering application to the right school, make sure to be quick and prompt about it. The online courses at Fort Hays State University are limited and are also very popular. Who wouldn’t want to eagerly get into these programs when there is such a low cost of learning. Like the assignments you are sure to receive during schooling, it will benefit you if you took this opportunity seriously and make a sure, quick attempt to apply.

The staff at Fort Hays is welcoming and eager to aide new comers into their system, and their help will be step by step. No question is out of line, and the promise awaiting you when you graduate will also be the school’s own joy. This is definitely a great work environment with a vibrant community to be in. Check it out.

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Wayne State College

Wayne State College

At Wayne State College, you have a sound opportunity for an online Master of Business Administration. There are many full-time workers who have undergraduate degrees that seek out this qualification later in their careers. As for some, a few students simply take the next step toward an MBA right after receiving their bachelors.

Not only is Wayne State College offering a great Masters program for online education, they are doing so for a field that offers many lucrative opportunities for employees. Graduates of Business Administration make an average of $100,000 yearly. This is a great foundation to build your financial future from.

You see, though there will be tremendous work involved in graduating, it will be worth your effort. At Wayne State College, their costs for an online MBA program is $8,250 annually. For the price of a small vehicle, you can earn a degree that covers all materials nationally recognized for a Master of Business Administration.

You’ll learn analytical tools necessary for managerial roles, cover topics such as business ethics, have a study that deals with coursework for business strategy and a solid chance to receive internships. Who knows, you may even be hired after internship by the same group you intern with.

The sky’s the limit here. With a great and well assigned course for education, you’ll be more than prepared. The case studies in your online materials will also give you an opportunity to learn and show your talents in team projects. This online program will change you for life and take your career to a profound level.

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Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University has an interesting approach to online education. They offer an array of amazing courses at a very affordable price, and their materials are often recorded for online students to move, grow and learn at their own pace. Really, you can simply log in and find up dated readings and presentations for your learning.

What if you had car trouble today and that is why you couldn’t get to your studies on time? No worries. The flexibility of Central Michigan University’s online courses are suitable for these types of sudden and ill-fated mishaps. This is a learn at your pace type of program, and you can be sure you will have that freedom.

Speaking of suitability, there will be some important things to consider for your interest in CMU. For example, what are your personal career expectations? Where do you see yourself in four years, and how will you get there? You must be fully and wholeheartedly ready to answer these questions when you begin applying.

The responsive staff here at CMU is able to put you into the right course for the career goals you set. Just remember too, you wont be cut short in your dreams when seeking out the right career field and study. The groups of online courses at Central Michigan University are truly that broad.

You will also have to keep in mind that deadlines come fast with CMU. You will have to take your interest in this university with focus and a desire to meet any requirement that the staff will request of you. No matter where you reside, whether it is out of state or in state, your education will only cost $370 per full credit. Take action fast, and move your future to where it needs to be.

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University of California—Los Angeles (Samueli)

University of California—Los Angeles

Sure, California is great place to visit and potentially bake in the sun for a minute or two. However, if you are looking for a great educational opportunity that will advance your career and pay grade, stop by University of California’s website. U.S. News rates this facility’s engineering program at the number two spot, but we have it here because of its reputation also.

The university not only provides great teachers who are caring and interactive, but up to 90 percent of the graduate courses for engineering are filled with full-time, employed workers. As I mentioned earlier, the reputation here triumphs supremely. This is where you go when you already know that you will receive everything needed to be the best.

Ninety-three percent of the graduate class entering this challenging online engineering program find work. This will be a competitive field, but just remember, competition is the best at the level where everyone is considered the best. If you want to be among them within the engineering field, where else would you rather be?

This online program provides you time and opportunity to understand course materials at the pace you need to truly learn and comprehend. Like any graduate program, you will need to apply. Yes, you can enjoy the sun and weather in California, but you don’t have to be there when enrolled in this program.

Having a record of prior work in engineering will help out however. Since we are mainly considering reputation with this program, it will also be the highest cost for online schooling that you will find on this list. Yet, at $916 per credit, we are sure that you will be able to manage the cost. Engineers out of this program will easily find work and a six-figure salary.

UC Online

University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

This school has appeared on our list because of the broad opportunity it offers its student. The array of learning materials is quite outstanding. The University of Wisconsin charges a $20 fee for applying to an online course, but the remaining cost will collate with standard tuition for this university.

Currently, for each credit you receive at the University of Wisconsin, you will pay $238. It’s not a bad price. In fact, it’s quite a comfortable rate to rest your educational future on. The lower it is, the better it is for you and your weary pockets.

We all enter school in hopes of earning the skills and knowledge needed to competently provide them to our employers. What we don’t want is escalating costs as we find it hard to pay back school loans and survive once out of college. This tuition will help you to manage your financial life once you begin your promised career.

There is practically nothing you cannot find in online education with University of Wisconsin. It is quite impressive actually. If you are interested in economics and statistics, you will find it available with UW. Even if you prefer trigonometry or biochemistry, you should be getting your application together and doing it quickly.

As you browse their database of online courses and classes, be at ease and realize that they do not show seat availability in real time. I guess this can work for or against you. How you decide to move, you must do so fast and accurately. Get in touch with the staff and be sure to look deep into the collection of online classes.

The professors are a part of the schools effort to offer only the most qualified means of education. They take pride in those who educate within their facility, and they will also take pride in you.

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Minot State University

Minot State University

Minot State University is rated by U.S. News with the number four spot for the most affordable online university programs. Their prized course is for a Master in Computer Science and is a worthwhile one. Minot State University is tapping into a large industry by developing competent students who will effect and manage the way computers work.

In technology, as an expanding industry, it is now impossible to say how large computer science will or must grow. As we grow into each new age, there will come new concepts and devices tailored to a technologically advanced world. Here at Minot State University, you will have an ambitious leader in Computer Science that is offering phenomenal education at a world-class price.

You will find your tuition to be roughly $9,623 for each and every year. For that price, a student will learn complex algorithms and have a chance to attempt changes to modern codes that are popular and used abroad. Each and every student will quite literally be in the heart of computer science and technology.

Minot State University has made a sure effort to give their students the right credentials. These credentials are not just a degree, but students will also have the right understanding of computer technology. The University understands that technology is not just about technical knowledge. It also requires the imagination needed to be creative, inspiring and on the intangible cutting-edge.

Wherever you want to be in the tech-industry, a MS in CS will allow you the advancement you specifically seek. Like any other Masters, the degree will enable you with the competitive edge you’ll need to receive the best jobs and those that offer the best pay. School can be expensive at times, and a hefty job offer can void any insecurities you have about earning potential.

What makes this opportunity offered by Minot State University so substantial is that their tuition fees are already very low. This means that at any rate, you will likely never become insecure about paying back your loans or simply paying while studying through the course. Computer software developers earn an average around and above $100,000. You’re next.

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University of Florida

University of Florida

Talk about cheap. Though the educational cost within the University of Florida’s online program is very low, the quality of learning is quite effective and substantial. The number of online courses they offer are very tailored however. There are currently nine undergraduate programs and well over 50 masters programs.

What you can count on here is just that: the count. You will pay $129.18 for every full credit you receive and take. Mark this school on the list that you are also making for yourself. No student should allow this opportunity to pass them by. Applying for school is not only competitive with grade averages, it is also competitive by the sheer number of people attempting to enter a program like this one.

With this low cost, you should be ready to start soon and finish the process until you are at least accepted into this phenomenal university. Additionally, University of Florida’s online programs are not limited to degree based programs. You can also take classes that provide certifications and advanced, career training that will not provide degree credits.

With this university, you can also earn continuing education credits. For some of the online classes, students receive full access to virtual training and other online media forms that will advance the quality of learning that each student has. As an online student, you will also have access to support services and other great features.

Those features are to include access to bookstores, webmail, libraries and reliable course management faculties. University of Florida’s mindset is to challenge its online students in the same manner as they do their classroom attendees. They have set a high standard of education that currently gives them a great reputation in the traditional classroom society.

This same ambition will be given to their online students with a sound expectation that this approach will change online students’ lives and properly guide them into the career they all deserve.

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Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College

Since 1890, Penn Foster College has been a great tool for distance education and other types of hybridized learning. There are roughly 133,000 student at Penn Foster who are all enrolled in high demand industries from technology to medicine. What you will find at any great school, you will also find here in education and solid opportunities for your future.

This school is aiming high for its student and faculty. It’s CEO, Frank Britt, appeared on Bloomberg News in the summer of 2014 to discuss the currently low employment rates. According to Frank Britt, these rates are still pending the need to “fill a skills gap” in the work market. Apparently, Penn Foster College is thinking about the work market for you.

Penn Foster College currently offers the best price for a Criminal Justice degree, and it just so happens that criminal justice is the number one degree taken by online students nationally. Many people are entering this field and will continue to do so in the future. The job prospects offer graduates an array of employment options, and the criminal justice industry is accepting those applicants eagerly and willingly.

Penn Foster will then be supplying the nation with competent young workers into the needed workforce of criminal justice. This college is offering this great set of course materials, for preparing its students, at a price tag of only $2,312 annually. This means that a four year criminal justice bachelors degree will cost roughly $9,000.

You or anyone else can surely afford that.

Any student could finish and graduate with their next step literally being that of paying off student debt if any actually exists after schooling. Though this degree is among the lowest price we’ve seen, it is not Penn Foster’s only offered online course. They will also empower each students’ careers with an Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting, an Undergraduate Certificate in Business Management and even an Undergraduate Certificate in Foundation Skills for Technology.

And as you may have guessed, the list for their offered online programs do not end there.

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