Top 10 Most Affordable Online Certificate Programs

Today’s increasingly mobile society is a boon for potential college students who desire to earn a certificate or degree to advance their careers and earning potential. The advent of the internet and its now global reach has made it possible for students to receive an affordable education online. The cheap costs associated with these degrees as well as the accessibility of the education is exceptional. The following list will introduce some affordable online colleges where prospective students can expect to work towards and earn an online certificate of education that is on par with those found in traditional college settings.

1. Penn Foster

Penn Foster

Penn Foster offers a highly affordable tuition rate of approximately $70.00 per credit hour. There are a number of other financial options to assist students graduate without debt, including a 35 percent discount when their tuition is paid off in full. There are also options available for payment plans. This school features a career school for professional certifications in addition to its school of degree programs.

2. Ashworth College

Ashworth College

Ashworth College is a for profit school that has a tuition of approximately $84.00 per credit hour. The school is accredited and offers both career and degree programs. There are a number of deals offered to help students economize and meet their budgeting needs. Some of these deals include free tuition for the fourth semester of an associates degree, alumni rewards, referral bonuses, and a 30 percent discount if a student’s tuition is paid in full.

3. Local Technical Colleges

Local Technical Colleges

Technical Colleges offer some of the best educational resources for a fraction of the price of a traditional University. The tuition at some tech schools can be up to half of what would be found at other schools, online or otherwise. The credits, certificates, and degrees can transfer to other schools.

A tech school such as Northeast Wisconsin Technical College offers a tuition that is more than half the cost of a regular 4 year university, and almost a tenth of the cost of a private learning institution. Online classes are available from most tech schools.

Many tech schools even have programs to assist financially eligible students with application fees and cost waivers.

4. California State University, Dominguez Hills

California State University

The tuition at this particular University is typically over 30 percent lower than the national average of costs and fees associated with other state universities. The cost per year for a full time student living outside of California is approximately equal to $6500.00, which includes other institutional costs.

Some of the degree options that are available from this California State University location include associate degrees, bachelor degrees, graduate degrees, and many professional certificates. There are also transfer programs that enable students to move their course of education to other California State University locations for completion. The types of majors that are available are expansive.

5. Luna Community College

Luna Community College

Luna College is located in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It has the distinction of being the only community college located in the North Eastern section of New Mexico. This school of higher education also features satellite classes located in towns throughout the state of New Mexico.

The costs per credit hour at Luna Community College vary depending on whether a student resides in the college’s local district, outside of the district but in or out of the state, out of the state, or based on senior citizenship status. Tuition caps at $1092.00 for 18 semester hours, with additional charges of $91.00 per semester hour after 18.

6. University of Wisconsin Online

University of Wisconsin Online

The University of Wisconsin Online offers associate and bachelor degree options, as well as courses for professional certificates. Students can expect to pay $1,548.00 per 6 credits, per semester. This rate is the same for students whether they reside within the state of Wisconsin or not.

A key distinguishing feature of the University of Wisconsin Online is the number of resources and additional opportunities that are available to students of the UW system. These include study abroad programs, transferable credits, comprehensive student services, and the lowest tuition costs of all UW schools.

7. Amarillo College

Amarillo College

The costs per year at Amarillo College are on a sliding scale based on the semester hours that a student enrolls to complete. There are approximately 143 degree courses available from Amarillo College.

For students who do not reside within the local district of Amarillo College, but who reside in Texas the costs range from $141.75 for one semester hour up to $2173.50 for 18 semester hours. The costs increase to $287.75 for one semester hour up to $3271.50 for 18 semester hours for residents outside of Texas.

8. Bellevue University

Bellevue University

This institution of higher learning offers graduate level classes, as well as a Ph.D. in Human Capital Management. Accelerated courses are also available. The cost per credit hour is typically $375.00 totaling approximately $3000.00 per term. $50.00 less for under 12 hours. Bellevue University also offers deferral programs to aid students who need help with covering the costs of fees and tuition.

9. Cameron University

Cameron University

Cameron University offers programs to cover a full range of undergraduate and graduate degree courses. The focus of their undergraduate curriculum centers around organizational leadership and interdisciplinary studies. Their graduate program offers a MBA. Cost per credit hour is typically $250.00 for the online MBA program at graduate level.

10. Harvard Extension School

Harvard Extension School

Harvard University offers the most accessible and affordable education for those who desire Ivy League credentials. There are more than 200 courses available for study in online classes from Harvard, which cover both undergraduate and graduate degree options. Tuition ranges from $1,020 to $2,000 per 4 credit course. Tuition is charged per course and financial aid is available for students who meet eligibility requirements.

Most of these affordable online colleges offer at least one affordable online certificate option, as well as provision of cheap alternatives to traditional school settings. These are all great options.