Top 10 Cheapest Online Colleges

Online graduate certificate programs are becoming more affordable. The most affordable online programs are those offered by colleges that cost lowest per credit hour. Online graduate certificate programs are cheap. Certification from an online graduate certificate program does not have to be expensive. A cheap college list of the ten ‘10’ affordable online programs in rank order of tuition of other costs is a valuable point of reference from which to begin the research and application process:

University of Wyoming
About: UoW is now a distance learning institution offering several Bachelor degree programs via its Outreach School.

Degree Programs: the degrees offered by the institution include B.A. degrees in Business Administration, and Nursing RN or BSN certification. Some blended courses are available through UoW, including classes in Criminal Justice, Education and Psychology.

Tuition: State of Wyoming resident tuition is $106 per credit hour. Out-of-state tuition is $152 per credit.

Western Governors University
About: WGU is university with a curriculum designed for professional adults.

Degree Programs: online degrees at WGU include licensure degree programs and certification. Certification and degrees can be obtained in Special Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics and Science. The College of Business offers online courses in Accounting, Business Management and Marketing. The College of Information Technology offers online courses in Software Development, Network Management and Security. The College of Health Professions offers online degrees in Nursing and Healthcare Management.

Tuition: cost of tuition varies by program and degree or certification. The average cost of tuition at WGU is less than $3,000 a semester.

Oregon State University eCampus
About: OSU is a research institution with distance learning offered by the University’s online school.

Degree Programs: Students can obtain Bachelor degrees in Anthropology, Agricultural Science, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Economics, Human Development, German, Psychology Liberal Studies, and Sociology. There are also a number of minor studies available to students through the OSU online curriculum in Business, Political Science, Chemistry, Popular Music, Writing, and United States History. Taught courses in subjects such as environmental science and wildlife are also offered.

Tuition: the online tuition at the University is $260 per credit. Distance learning students pay an additional fee attendance.

Fort Hays State University
About: the Kansas based online university offering certification and degrees through its accredited Virtual College is a good choice for those looking for traditional programming.

Degree Programs: Bachelor degrees in Business Education, Education, Justice Studies, Management, and Information Networking and Telecommunications are part of the distance learning curriculum at FHSU. Students may also study Hospitality Management, Marketing, Philosophy and Sociology. Certification and degree options in Education cover early childhood education, elementary education or special education. General Studies education toward degree or certification may be sought by students through program customization.

Tuition: the total tuition for FHSU undergraduates annually is $4,233 per year.

Capella University
About: a leader in the online university segment, Capella is an accredited online university with traditional programs and mid-range tuition cost.

Degree Programs: Bachelor degree programs are offered in Business and Technology, Counseling and Psychology, Education, Healthcare, Nursing, and Public Service. The University also offers a range of certificate programs. Students may go onto study for a Masters degree, PhD or Doctoral degree at the institution.

Tuition: the tuition for most programs at the University is about $13,000, and may vary according to program and student requirements.

Columbia College
About: the online college offering twenty three programs during 8 week sessions during five cycles a year is an undergraduate institution that can lay the foundation for certification or higher degree.

Degree Programs: the College’s online Bachelor degree programs provide courses in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice Administration, General Studies, History, Human Services, Management Information Systems, Sociology and Psychology. Certificates, associate degrees and a few Masters degree programs are also offered.

Tuition: the standard undergraduate tuition is $240 per credit hour.

Herzing University
About: the Wisconsin institution recognized for its early entrance in the online segment, Herzing University’s foundations as a computer programming school has served to platform its distance learning programs in other subjects. The University targets working adults.

Degree Programs: The school offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
Bachelor degree and certificate programs in Accounting, Design, Entrepreneurial Studies, Health Information Management, Legal Studies, Nursing and Medical Office Administration, and Public Safety are designed for career-oriented students. The school also maintains its technology programs in Information Technology and Mobile App Development.

Tuition: annual tuition at the University is about $10,000.

American Intercontinental University
About: The international institution offers accredited undergraduate degrees and certificates via its distance learning school.

Degree Programs: Bachelor degree programs in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Healthcare Management, as well as Criminal Justice courses in Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Forensic Science make up two of the University’s three main programs. AICU also hosts a School of Design, which offers training Fashion Retail, Fashion Design, Interior Design and Marketing.

Tuition: the tuition at AICU is about $8,000, annually.

10. Colorado Technical University
About: CTU is a 4 year degree program university designed for working adult students.

Degree Programs: certification and degree programs at CTU’s online campus are available in business and management emphases, Finance, Accounting, and Healthcare Management. The school also offers programs in Criminal Justice, Forensic Investigation and Cybercrime Investigation, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Web Development, and Nursing.

Tuition: annual tuition for CTU’s programs is about $12,760 per year.