Donald Trump Government Shutdown. US Government Shutdown

President Trump’s government shutdown is now the longest in U.S. history. Instead of reopening government so it can serve the American people, Republicans are using a government shutdown as a strategy to achieve what they otherwise cannot through the democratic process – and hurting millions of Americans as a result. Americans across the nation are speaking out about the harm the shutdown is inflicting on them, their families, and their communities. 

The record "shutdown" in US history lasted 35 days, and Donald Trump did make concessions to opponents to stop it.
The US government did not work for 35 days due to disputes over the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

President Donald Trump insisted on the allocation of money from the budget for this wall, his opponents from the Democratic Party refused to vote for such a draft state budget.

As a result, Trump made concessions to the Democrats - a budget without money for the wall was adopted for three weeks, and the discussion of financing for its construction will continue.

Why did the president make such a concession to the democrats and what would it lead to, Correspondent understood.

Compromise on Democratic terms

Government work will be resumed within three weeks until February 15.

Trump's decision allows Congress to quickly transfer invoices for expenses that the president will sign to restore federal agencies to work by February 15 and pay salaries to 800 thousand federal workers who were forced to go on vacation or work for free for 35 days.

 Trump has promised to compensate for the salaries of the past five weeks.

"I will ensure that all employees of state structures will receive their salary for the time worked as soon as possible," he stressed.

Trump never made the Democrats allocate $ 5.7 billion to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Although earlier, Trump made the wall its prerequisite for the resumption of government work.

The US Senate and House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill to end the “shutdown” until February 15.

“The president thought he could break the Democrats, but he did not, and I hope this is a lesson for him,” said Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: "Our unity is our strength. And this is something that the president might underestimate."

What scared Trump?

In the US, Trump is believed to have softened his position due to the effects of the “shutdown”.

First of all, in the form of a slowdown in air traffic due to the lack of air traffic controllers, who massively took sick leave.

Trade unions representing the interests of air traffic controllers, pilots and flight attendants, issued a joint statement about the suspension of the government in the United States. They stressed that “shutdown” poses a growing day-to-day threat to the safety of air travel, as it affects the work of numerous government officials. Among the units that he touched on are cybercrime departments, air traffic controllers, air marshals, airport security officers, and others.

“In our non-risk industry, we cannot even roughly estimate the level of existing risk and predict the moment when the whole system collapses. This is unprecedented, ”- said in a statement the National Association of Air Traffic Controllers (NATCA), the International Association of Pilots (ALPA) and AFA.

According to The New York Times, every tenth airport security officer did not go to work. In addition, almost 20% of certified air traffic controllers have the right to retire, and if they decide to do this, then the work of the aviation industry in the US will be seriously affected, the document says.

At the same time, Trump admitted that the “shutdown” may continue after February 15, if the wall issue is not reached.

“If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government will either close on February 15 again, or I will use the powers granted to me in accordance with the laws and the US Constitution to resolve this emergency,” he said.

Economic implications of Donald Trump Government Shutdown

Partial suspension of the government cost the US economy, at least $ 3 billion, calculated in the budget department of the US Congress.

Several other figures led the agency S & P. According to his calculations, the US economy has lost $ 6 billion from the “shutter”.

Prior to this, the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers led their calculations on losses from the “shutdown”. According to them, because of it, GDP in the first quarter of this year may decline by about 0.1%.

Trump lost?

Most of the American media, and even the most conservative supporters of Trump, believe that at the moment the American president is losing in his confrontation with the Democrats.

Bernard Baumol, chief economist at The Economic Outlook Group, believes that any threat from the president to block the work of the government again is “empty” because it is tantamount to “political suicide.” Instead, according to Baumol, it is much more likely that Trump will take advantage of the capabilities of the executive and declare a state of emergency to provide funding for the wall on the border with Mexico.

“Trump’s capitulation to the Democrats marked the humiliating point of his conflicting presidency and immediately provoked a response from some conservative allies who called him a weakling,” The Washington Post writes.

From the right wing of the Republican Party, Trump received angry responses from conservatives who perceived his decision to open the government without financing the wall as a failure.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter, author of a book called Trump We Trust (In Trump We Trust), called the president "the biggest weakling in history" on his Twitter account after he announced the decision to open the government. She also said on the HBO channel that she was "a very stupid girl," supporting the president.

Michael Malice, another conservative commentator, also attacked the president for giving in and opening up the government’s work: “It looks like the wall isn’t as attractive as capitulation.” He wrote on Twitter.

What a failure turned out to be President Putin’s shutdown - the “concert” of a young child stomping with his feet, and incompetence, arrogance and self-destruction. Trump exhausted civil servants and citizens, inflicted a wound on the country, and, making concessions on January 25 after holding the government hostage for 35 days, could have said that he hadn’t achieved anything, writes The New York Times.

He succeeded only in exposing the emptiness of his cocky bravado, his posturing "I alone can settle it." One day, Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. Instead, he made all Americans pay for his fantasy.

Donald Trump Government Shutdown: the White House has introduced new restrictions

During the suspension of the government, under no circumstances can aircraft be used, owned or leased by the government.

The White House has banned members of both houses of the US Congress to use government aviation to undertake overseas business trips and to spend budget funds to cover the cost of such travel. The corresponding document of the Office of Management and Budget of the White House was sent on Friday to the heads of all American departments.

"During the suspension of government work, under no circumstances can aviation used by or rented by the government be used to support (travel) delegations of lawmakers without the proper permission of the White House staff. Besides, no budget funds allocated for the work of the executive branch The United States cannot be used to cover the travel expenses of lawmakers' delegations, ”says the document, quoted by the ABC TV company.

Earlier it was reported that US President Donald Trump sent a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress Nancy Pelosi, in which he informed about the postponement of her seven-day tour to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan due to the suspension of the work of the federal government. Trump’s message on Thursday was a response to Pelosi’s words, which called on the American leader to postpone the annual message to Congress in connection with the budget crisis.

In the United States continues to "shutdown" - a temporary suspension of all government agencies. This is not the first situation, and not the last: the government stops working because it is not possible to agree on a budget for the next year.

Recall that because of the shutdown, 420 thousand US civil servants will be forced to work without pay, and another 380 thousand will be temporarily sent on leave without any payments.

The USA lives without a budget for a month. 800 thousand civil servants do not receive a salary

News from the USA. In America yesterday was a holiday, Martin Luther King Day, and a non-working day.

Day 31, the country lives without a budget, with the government partially stopped, when 800,000 civil servants are not paid.

And yesterday, Sunday, it was two years since Trump took office. I note that if he is not re-elected for a second term or removed from office by impeachment, there are exactly as many days left until he resigned from his post (2020, the leap year).

The 45th president will surely go down in history as the most loyal US president. The Washington Post newspaper maintains a database of false and misleading statements since its inception.

From January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2019, Trump made 8158 false or misleading public statements.

Including more than 6,000 of them he did in the second year of his presidency. Thus, during the first year, the 45th President made 5.9 false statements per day, and during the second year - 16.5 false statements per day.

The president made more than 1,200 false statements in October 2019, speaking at campaign rallies in support of Republican candidates for Congress.

The president claimed 127 times that he had achieved the largest tax cut in the country's history. This statement is completely false.

Only in his last public televised address from the White House last Saturday, in which the president again demanded $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a steel barrier on the border with Mexico this time, did Trump make 12 false and disorienting statements. For example, he said that 300 Americans die each week from heroin, 90% of which enters the US across the southern border, and that the coveted wall will help stop drug trafficking. However, according to the official data of the Drug Control Administration (currently partially inoperative due to lack of budget), although 90% of heroin does enter the US from Mexico, almost all of it comes through legal border checkpoints, and therefore walls and fences do not will not help change this situation.

The president also said, for example, that a “border wall or steel barrier” would help reduce crime and solve the drug problem. Drugs have already been mentioned above, and the crime rate among illegal immigrants, both those who illegally crossed the border and those who remained in the United States after the legal period of stay, is significantly lower than the crime rate among US citizens.

Shutdown in the United States. Congressman calls on Trump to think less of "talking heads"

The US continues the crisis caused by the so-called "Shutdown", the cessation of funding for a number of state programs and federal agencies. Democrats in Congress and US President Donald Trump continue to exchange recriminations. The last address to the head of the White House was made by Congressman Jim Clyburn (South Carolina), who occupies the third position in the hierarchy of the Democratic Party in the lower house of Congress.

According to TASS, the Democrat congressman actually accused Trump of capriciousness, saying that the US president because of a trifle disrupted an agreement to resume the work of the federal government.

"I believe that the president again and again demonstrates the inability to comply with the terms of the deal. Recall that we sent him $ 1.6 billion that could be spent on building a wall on the border with Mexico, we also agreed to make all the amendments. And after a few hours expectations that the agreement will be concluded, he says no, responding to the criticism of the leading couple of talk shows on TV, ”the democrat complained, obviously referring to the first broadcast of the TV show“ Saturday evening live ”(Saturday Night Live, SNL) with n by the American leader performed by actor Alec Baldwin.

"The president should focus on the American people and forget about what the talking heads say about him. You can’t stop them no matter what they do," added Cli Blyburn. He called the notorious physical obstacle on the border with Mexico "a monument to the existence of someone," hinting at the US president. Democrat believes that for the good of the cause, Trump must agree to replace his grand design with a more economical, cheaper and more efficient project that would include "sensors, X-ray equipment, drones."

Recall that since December 22, the work of the federal government has been partially suspended in the United States due to the lack of budget funds. This was due to the fact that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress failed to agree on the parameters of the state budget, in which Trump and the Republicans in the ultimatum order want to include more than $ 5 billion to build a physical barrier on the border with Mexico. Democrats say they will not approve the allocation of such large funds from the treasury and are ready to offer only $ 1.3 billion for this.

About a quarter of the government remained without funding in the United States, in particular the State Department, the Treasury, the Commerce Department and the Department of Homeland Security. For other government agencies, Congress had previously approved the allocation of funds by the end of September 2019.


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