What Countries Did Donald Trump Ban? Trump's Travel Ban: Who Is Affected

On 27 January President Donald Trump signed an executive order halting all refugee admissions and temporarily barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The US Supreme Court has upheld a ban by President Donald Trump on travel to the US from seven countries: North Korea, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Venezuela.

The ruling comes after months of challenges to Trump's executive order on immigration, which previously targeted only Muslim-majority countries, was denounced as xenophobic by critics, and prevented even refugees from entering the US.

The administration has cited poor cooperation with U.S. officials, terrorist activity and technical hurdles to properly document their own travelers as reasons for the latest iteration of the ban. While the text of the order does not mention religion, critics say the policy reflects anti-Muslim prejudice — with North Korea and Venezuela added as window dressing.

Who is affected by the ban?

All travellers who have nationality of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are not permitted to enter the US for 90 days, or be issued an immigrant or non-immigrant visa.

People who have dual nationality with a non-restricted country are not affected, so long as they travel on the passport from the other country.