Trump reported the end of anti-American propaganda in North Korea

American President Donald Trump continues to rejoice at the successes of the US-DPRK summit and to sound more and more new achievements in negotiations with Kim Jong-no. Speaking to supporters in South Carolina, the head of the White House said that after meeting with the North Korean leader, Pyongyang stopped agitation against the United States.

Trump said that in North Korea, anti-American posters were removed after his historic meeting with the head of this country.

Donald Trump, President of the United States: "They removed anti-American posters throughout North Korea, they removed them. Now we have a good relationship, and I think everything will turn out. It takes time, it's not easy. "

At the same time, Trump expressed his confidence that as a result of his efforts "the world will be much more secure." Speaking about the successes achieved, the US president recalled that in Pyongyang "they agreed to denuclearize, they agreed not to conduct any more tests."

The first ever US summit in the DPRK, at which Trump and Kim Jong Un met, was held in Singapore on June 12. Following the meeting, the American leader said that he had signed a "detailed" document with North Korea and stressed that the process of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula would begin "very quickly."

Kim Jong-un, in turn, called the signing of the final document a "new start" in relations between the two countries and promised "big changes" in the future.