College Scholarships – Applying For International Scholarships

Let me first start off by saying that, whatever you want to achieve you have to go after it, and with all the technology that we have today, there are so many different outlets to find whatever your looking for, and the Internet being one of them is simply a world of possibilities.

I have no knowledge of applying for International Scholarship, because I never needed to do that.   So in order to expand my knowledge of that subject, I will have to do some research on applying for International Scholarship, and you should do the same, if this is something that you are looking to do.

In my research, I learned that there are many resources for student searching for a Scholarship; and I also found out that there are services that charge students for access to their scholarship Data base, or they will do the research for you.   If you have the finances to do it that way, then to each his own, but I rather do my own research, because I know what’s best for me.   All you have to do is, make the time and utilize the available resources and all that’s right at your fingertips online and its free!   What more can you ask for?

I also found a website called, and it was loaded with information on obtaining a Scholarship.   It’s an International Scholarship resource for students wishing to study abroad.   There was a listing for grants, scholarships, loan programs and other pertinent information that you will definitely need in pursuing your studies abroad.

The folks at the International Scholarship say, that they “scoured all corners of the globe to locate awards that are designated to assist students who wish to study in another country”.

On the website, I went to the “frequently” asked questions section, and got a lot of good information.    Again, like I said before, I knew nothing about international Scholarships.   Like who was eligible and who wasn’t eligible.   Students who are not U.S. Citizens or non-Citizens permanent resident; who are attending an eligible U.S College or University is eligible.   Students who are not U.S. Citizens or non-Citizen permanent residents and who are attending schools outside the U.S. are not currently eligible for the loans.

Nothing is free when it comes to Education, it is definitely an investment.   As far as finances are concerned it states that borrowers are required to have a creditworthy cosigner who is a U.S. citizen or a non-citizen permanent resident.

Other questions like, what is the maximum loan amount I can apply for?  Or what can international loans be used for?  I know when I applied for my student loan that was the first thing after being accepted is how much I was going to get.   So after I was approved, I had to call my Financial Aid office and spoke with a woman with the bad attitude and she told me how much I was approved for.   I also wanted to know what the loans were used for and it’s no different from our Student loans here.

At another website (   I found the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship; this program offers awards for undergraduate studies abroad.   The scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant (Grants you don’t have to repay after graduation).

The Scholarship Program is open to U.S Citizens undergraduate students, so if your looking to study abroad and get away from the Parents, this may be a good program to look into.

I must also make you aware that the Gilman Scholarship Program accepts applications two times per year.   Get up on that, because if you snooze you will indeed lose.   Start your application one full semester before your study aboard program is scheduled to begin.   I am only informing you what to do, I can’t do it for you, so don’t miss out.

In doing my homework on international scholarships, it’s a big step in what your looking to do.   But with that same token a family’s financial incapacity may lead a student to give up that dream.   But just think you have a chance to do something a lot of people only dreamed that they could do.   In my research, I found a few interesting tidbits to go along with being happy about pursuing your international dreams, and this is what it said to do in order to get these services.

“Free scholarship grants, free scholarship applications are financial aids from the government, private non-profit organizations or simply from wealthy individuals who want to share their wealth”.

Would you like to know how to get those services?   I bet you do.   Here are a few ways.

Apply to top colleges and reliable sites. You need to survey in advance which colleges and universities offer scholarship for international students. It is also good to know the kind of programs offered for each college.