51 Ideas that Changed Higher Education Forever

From the fall of the Roman Republic–when a large municipal school system gave way to the Dark Ages–and even as far back as the Academy in Ancient Greece, many of the ideas that shape higher education today have been at work.

Five Constructive Ways to Change American Higher Education

My thanks to Dartmouth for inviting me to participate in the Daniel Webster Project. I particularly love to come to Hanover. I teach American economic history, and forever am telling students two things about the extraordinary 1819 Supreme Court battle in Dartmouth College v. Woodward.

The Growing Crisis in American Higher Education

I was a little surprised when David Mitch asked me to speak. After all, like David, I am an economist, and economists suffer from three deficiencies. First, they are often wrong. Second, they are usually very boring. And third, they have a reputation for being heartless and insensitive.