Cut Unnecessary Programs

A substantial opportunity for cost saving in higher education is in cutting unnecessary or tangential programs. While academic programs provide many benefits in addition to attracting tuition-paying students, nearly all operate at a loss and require additional subsidization.

Reduce Administrative Staff

A thorough analysis of the data reveals that American colleges and universities are increasingly bloated with administrative bureaucracies.

Outsource More Services

With recent financial difficulties, it is more important than ever for colleges to make the best use of their limited resources.

Offer three year Bachelor’s Degrees

Three-year bachelor’s programs allow students to complete their undergraduate degree in three years, rather than four. This can be accomplished by taking a more streamlined curriculum, taking more credit hours per semester, attending summer sessions, and/or taking online courses.

Reform Academic Employment Policies

Traditionally, colleges have hired faculty from the ranks of recent PhD graduates, using tenuretrack positions as bait to lure new hires who, upon completing a rigorous academic career crash course, are presumably enticed by the benefits package commensurate with the professorate.

Promote Dual Enrollment Programs

The skyrocketing price of a college education is a formidable obstacle to obtaining a college degree. Many graduating high school seniors are typically faced with two equally unattractive options.

Getting the Right Online Education

Work and the rest of life’s complexities can chew away chunks of your time each day of the week, but your education doesn’t have to suffer while your schedule prevents you from spending time in a classroom.

Securing Financial Aid

A lot of people would love to attend college, but when they look at the cost of tuition alone, they experience sticker shock. Along with the price of attending college, there are expensive textbooks and transportation costs. These are the expenses you have when you are living off campus at home.