The Best Books By Donald Trump

1. "Think Big and Kick Ass"

In his new book, the great businessman and provocateur Donald Trump brilliantly debunks the illusions associated with the world of business. By Trump, the rich and famous can not be everyone. Success and wealth go strong, and illusions and doubts are the lot of losers. The motto of Donald Trump in life and business is passion, healthy anger, a realistic view of the world and a creative approach to solving any problem. Life is a tough fight, and if you want to get out of it as a winner, forget the word "no", learn how to work with your fists, blow back, never give up and count each step. This is the only way to achieve great goals, and others should not be put! The price of success is high, and if you feel ready to pay it, this book is for you!

To read Trump's book is how to drink a lot of Coca-Cola or energy: very American, very invigorating, of little use, but definitely get pleasure. Donald Trump is a legendary person, brilliant in his field, his success is undeniable (and this is primarily a review of the book and the style of presentation, and not on the unconditional merit of the author). But he wanted to become a media personality, and so in this book there is much that people will discuss later (for he knows that he is selling better), forgetting about the main message of the book. "Oooh, he called Clooney sickly, and Jolie is not a beauty, and Branston, Branston ...". In some places, he contradicts himself, sometimes it's funny to read about his "antics", about the love of Hillary Clinton (given the current campaign). And all this is mixed up with adequate thoughts, not new, but completely understandable for the common man in the street. Although Trump's realities are far from everyday life, (work 24 hours a day, all "soak" and so on), but they give the main thing - the charge of energy, the charge for action. And all the rest your consciousness and so will filter as unnecessary. A book for all those who "lost fuse", who wants to get excited.


2. "Trump: The Art of the Deal"

What is this book

This is the first, in many respects autobiographical book of the American billionaire, the president of the large construction company Trump Organization, the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts Donald Trump. "The art of making deals" provides a unique opportunity to look at the world of big business through the eyes of one of the most successful American entrepreneurs. How it all began, how the qualities needed for an effective businessman were developed, how big deals were made, bureaucratic obstacles were overcome - the author describes in detail every step on the way to success and fame, and also shares his memories of the family.

For whom this book

Will be useful to people engaged in business, including construction, real estate. And also to all who want to learn how to think big and set grandiose goals.

Why did we decide to publish this book?

Very often, to make a change, to make a breakthrough, we need only a push, a rush of inspiration. Inspiration can be found everywhere, including in books. This book of a successful and strong person with tremendous charisma will give a powerful charge of optimism and a strong motivation for the realization of ideas.

Chips of the book

This is a sincere, truthful book with a crazy energy.

Yes, Trump is an outstanding businessman, and he has something to learn, but the book is sometimes filled with such self-admiration, which is sometimes simply disgusting. But you can take lessons from it. And they are completely consistent with the lessons from other business publications: - Set high goals. - maximally concentrate on their achievement, - establish and maintain useful links, - if necessary, defend your case to the end. In general, it will not hurt to read, but you can replace it with something more readable from business literature. In general, without sparks, unlike, for example, "Losing Innocence" Branson.


3. "Why We Want You to Be Rich"

Most millionaires are not at all inclined to give out to the general public the secrets of their rise to wealth. But Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are not one of those! Two great businessmen joined their efforts to help as much as possible.

I put the book neutral for the simple reason that I write a review after a few months and I realize that practically nothing of it came in handy and did not remember me. The truth is there are interesting quotations in the book. Here, for example: Before you do something, you need to learn this. I would add to this: before, something to say, it is necessary to understand Unfortunately, in life there are often characters who like to scratch their tongue and carry every nonsense with absolute certainty. And the book is not bad, but not terrific.


4.  "Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life"

To become a truly rich person, you need to learn how to think like a billionaire. And here you will come to the aid of the genius of real estate, best-selling author and television star Donald Trump. He will show how to properly treat money, career.

A book for beginners and full of truisms. Always strive for your goal, always work, always choose the best, etc. Nothing new and frank.


5. "Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich – And Why Most Don't" 

Learn the secret of how two icons of business manage to become richer every day! According to Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, successful people have the so-called gift of Midas. For the first time, some of the greatest businessmen in the world will share their secrets, which will allow you to learn how to attract wealth. Thanks to practical advice and real stories from the life of Trump and Kiyosaki, telling about their successes, failures, perseverance and dedication, you will learn how they managed to achieve prosperity and how you can apply their unique experience.

The greatest strength of this book is that it is written by real businessmen who have earned millions of dollars, rather than theorists who write about things they do not know and understand about themselves. In this book, two famous businessman-millionaire Robert Kiosaki and Donald Trump share their secrets of achieving wealth, and these are the secrets that helped them, in real life to come to success. For greater understanding and accessibility of the material, the authors draw a parallel with the mythical king Midas, who turned everything into gold into anything he touched. The book associates 5 fingers on the king's gold-bearing hand with 5 main keys to achieving wealth. It is about these basic keys that businesspeople will tell the reader. The book is easy to read, everything is set out in a completely understandable language. It is a logical continuation of a number of books written by authors earlier, and more details reveal the essence of business. I would recommend it for compulsory reading, but only after acquaintance with the earlier works of Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Since the book contains repetitions from "Poor Pope, Rich Pope" and "Cash Flow Quadrant" by R. Kiosaki, I advise you to read them first to better understand what is at stake. In addition, the "Midas Gift" is oriented more towards business owners than to newcomers, in contrast to earlier editions of these authors.


6. "How to Get Rich" 

In his new book, a billionaire realtor, author of many bestsellers and TV host Donald J. Trump reveals the secrets of his success. He will tell you how to invest correctly; to impress the leader and get promoted; successfully manage the business; hire, encourage and fire employees; negotiate; maintain the good name of your brand; think big and live one hundred percent. The book is full of business advice and worldly wisdom and talks about how the huge states are created in a legal way and how to manage a first-class business. The book is intended for a wide audience.

This book is written by the now living billionaire and the newly elected president of the United States. Already these two reasons are enough to draw attention to the book. The narrative is conducted in a living language, replete with stories from the life of D. Trump, relevant jokes and conclusions based on life experience. For me, the book was really useful: many wise thoughts, ideas, advice. As if Trump personally talked to me) Read uniquely worth it.


7. "Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education in Business and Life" 

Not everyone can boast of acquaintance with someone from the powerful of this world. The Russian reader had an unprecedented opportunity to get to know American businessman billionaire Donald Trump. The reader will discover for himself the amazing nature and principles of this extraordinary and versatile person whose name alone has become a brand - a man who built a huge empire in real estate, also known for his philanthropic activities ....

Donald Trump ... For me, he is a very unequivocal person. Undoubtedly, his achievements in career and business cause the greatest respect for him. Man was able to realize himself. Could achieve unprecedented heights. He is a professional from A to Z. But as a writer he is not that good. Although it can be understood. It's one thing to be a businessman, to brew money, drawings, documents in this mess, and it's quite another thing to write about it. I, while reading this book, waited not so much for some formulas or schemes how to become (well, or at least a little closer to its level) over a successful person. I was waiting for only ordinary stories, ordinary explanations from the mouth of a person respected all over the world. But all that I read, I could read in other books on self-actualization. Donald Trump did not tell anything new. And I had the thought that this book was created only to show off to my friends and colleagues. As a writer, as a teacher, Trump as they say "there is nothing." I read this book in 2015, and as you know this year in the US there are ballots for the presidency. And Trump is among the candidates. A person who thinks that managing a country is the same as managing a real estate corporation, can hardly seriously expect success. Especially after his recent words about the fact that almost all Muslims are potential terrorists, do not add to it the pluses (especially votes). Anyway. Politics is politics, and writing art is different. My opinion on the book "Think Like a Champion". The name itself could be changed to "Think Like Me, Donald Trump." This is a joke of course. But it seems to me that the book was originally called) Well, everything. Now the result. Big misfortune, Mr. Trump. Do not write more books. As you wrote, a person should be engaged in a business to which he has talent. Well, build it, Donald, build on. Do not take more shelves in the store.



8. "Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again "

The most famous phrase of Donald Trump is "You're fired!" An outrageous, charismatic, irresistible billionaire is seriously going to become the political leader of the world's leading power. He does not know political correctness. He offers his solutions to all the problems that America has faced - unprecedented in simplicity and rigidity. He has his own, dissenting opinion on any issue - about illegal immigration and domestic debt to the United States, about Lady Gaga and Vladimir Putin, about the correct world order and fair distribution of public goods - and he will not slow him to say whether you like it or not. Donald Trump is a real candidate for the post of the next US president. And this book is in fact its political program. What awaits America and the world, if the president becomes a construction magnate showman? Read - and find out.

It seems more like a pre-election campaign than a book.


9.  Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success

During his long career in business, Donald Trump has experienced amazing ups and downs. In this book, Trump talks about his greatest failures and difficulties and shares the principles by which he could overcome them. Following the lessons of leadership of Donald Trump, you can find a way out of the difficult situation in your career and business and turn your problems into a real success.

Fool in politics, conjunctural, mutually exclusive statements that change several times a year. Three times bankrupt in business, received initial capital from a millionaire father. But this man wrote an excellent book. One idea, like many motivational works, will follow through the entire text from and to. With the difference that here the author does not just unfoundedly assert "how to do to achieve success," but collected a number of stories from his practice, genuine or not, but somehow on living examples confirming the slogan of the book. For the sake of justice, in one of the chapters, there is a reservation that sometimes it is necessary ... to change the motion vector in time (an example with an income house, which he eventually sold). But the exception only confirms the rule. I recommend to everyone who has something that does not work well or when other personal goals are achieved. Reads easily and quickly - just on the way to the office.

10. Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education in Business and Life 

One of the greatest businessmen in the world with a fortune of 4.5 billion dollars. A construction magnate who owns 2 million square meters of the best real estate in Manhattan. His name became a brand and is sold for millions of dollars. His story is full of ups and downs, but after any crisis he invariably rose, exceeding his previous maximum. Donald Trump is a legendary man. His rules of leadership are invaluable lessons for all those who seriously intend to succeed in business and in life. Also comes out with the title "Leadership: The Golden Rules of Donald Trump."

Interesting book, a lot of useful information! read in one breath! Every day when some important events happened to me at work, in the evening I could think about them, reading similar examples in this book. I strongly advise you to read to people who are eager to improve themselves.

11. The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received: 100 Top Experts Share Their Strategies

Real estate in the whole world is considered the best investment. From buying your own house or apartment to investing in cottages and office buildings - one way or another you take part in working with real estate. Donald Trump, who acquired, lost, and got rich through real estate, asked the most well-known and respected people in this business to share in their own words the very best real estate advice they ever received in their lives. As a result, their opinions turned out to be different and profound. From the specific advice of Robert Boykin, CEO of Boykin Lodging Company: "Always invest in areas that are about to start developing." If you hurry or something you do not guess, the future development will help you. you are investing in an already developed area with a low potential for further growth and suddenly you are wrong, there will be no chance to change anything. " To the excellent advice of Ivanki Trump (member of the development team at Trump Organiza- tion), suitable for all business areas: "Take your reputation seriously, as it is one of the most important elements of a successful business. Set your own standards and be true to them. Be absolutely faithful to your word, your actions must be perfect. " Lessons learned by the experts and collected in this book will help either of you manage your own business with great success. "In this book you will find tremendous insight based on positive experience and in lessons learned by the heavy tycoons of real estate throughout the country ... These men and women will tell you what they have learned.This book is the best collection of real estate tips that has ever been published, and I think its mission is fulfilled - you got help in achieving your own success in the field buy or sell your own house, apartment or co-op, whether you are real estate or just planning to start a business, I think you will learn a lot from the "Best Real Estate Council I've ever received." Donald Trump

A fairly general motivating book for realtors and other real estate professionals: builders, developers. There are enough interesting ideas and knowledge. But in general, this is a motivational literature, not a manual and not a scientific literature, the advice of which can be accepted as the principles of work. The paradox of 100 tips is that each separate council contradicts some other advice. This is very funny. And this proves once again that there are many ways to achieve success. Without fundamental knowledge or rational thinking and common sense, you can take bad advice, like a good one. For a beginner, be sure! Can help and in a situation where you do not know what to do, because - this book is a collection of ideas that you can apply.