What are the most valuable degrees to employers?

When contemplating the inevitable search for jobs that we all go through, many people want to get a head start on the process by learning early on which degrees will help them most in getting hired after graduation. As the economic slump from 2008 continues to keep hiring at a low ebb, many students are wondering how best to concentrate their energies.

The good news is is that there are many fascinating degrees that can land job-seekers wonderful careers with good paychecks and healthcare benefits along with them, and many such jobs involve a passion a student may not realize that they’ve already had inside them. Here are just a few of the most valuable degrees to employers.

As means to employment, bachelor’s degrees in nursing are a wonderful option because they present so many aspects to benefit one’s career. Providing a job that helps others, pays well, and is in a field where talented professionals are needed, nursing provides many students with a path towards an exciting and interesting career that suits them wonderfully. At the present time, nurses are especially needed in rural areas to help with underrepresented people in healthcare, and this is especially true for specializations within the field such as Nurse Anesthetists, who are in particularly high need in such regions.

Computer Science
Studying computer science is a wonderful way to land a good job. With some of the best companies seeking out talent from all backgrounds, a good computer science degree can provide students with high salaries and challenging work. For individuals who love computers anyway, getting a degree and a job in computer science is often a natural step.

Accountants often do more than help companies run, they are often the best checks-and-balances system a company can have and keep companies on an even keel even through the most difficult of economic waters. Extremely useful and extremely in-demand, accountants have some of the best pay and best hours in the business world, although tax time can be extremely busy for financial professionals.

Graphic Design
If you have an artistic bent but wish to land a good job and good salary, a degree in graphic design can do much to help you move your life forward. Useful to both advertising companies and in-house departments of corporations, graphic designers can use their creative talents on the business side of client transactions.

If you’ve always enjoyed drawing or painting, graphic design might be a way to shift your creations into a paying job. That’s a dream many artists have, but which few ever reach.

Medicine (M.D., D.O., etc.)
Perhaps an obvious choice, medicine is currently facing (and is expected to face in the future) a shortage in many areas of talented professionals. Family practitioners are dwindling as student loan costs make salaries effectively dwindle, and rural practice doctors are needed for at-risk populations especially as changes in healthcare law bring more patients into the medical fold. Medicine can be one of the most rewarding paths an individual can take in life, and the benefits of helping people when they are at their most vulnerable can be a life-changing experience. As a doctor, you’ll see people at their best and at their worst, but your chance to see humanity and serve it so clearly is a privilege few will ever have.

International English Teacher Certification
As a form of work experience, few jobs can be quite as fun as teaching English abroad. Countries such as Japan or South Korea often pay teachers well and can help them to find lodging, and the chance to experience a culture for months or years at a time makes the job one of the most enjoyable many people experience in their entire lives. Jobs are plentiful and often include adventure along the way.

As someone considering a college or advanced degree, know that with the right attitude and research a dream job may not be far away. Perseverance and passion are major elements of career success, and so long as you use those to drive your search for knowledge and the right job you will do fine. If you’re looking for your dream job, first look within to understand what you really want in life. When you have your answer, you may find with a bit of searching a career that brings you happiness.