Affording University – Cost & Funding

For a baby shower in the year 2012 instead of letting everyone know you are registered at Babies-R-Us it might be a better idea to start taking in donations for your child’s college fund.

College Savings Account – Reasons To Open One

I received a birthday invite that read: Please no gifts, money for college is much appreciated. This was for my friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Usually I’m rubbed the wrong way with gifting specifics but in this case I was quite proud of my friend’s preparedness.

College Savings Account – Everything To Know

At first sight, a 529 College savings account sounded more like a random number explaining what an incredible amount of ways there are to open savings accounts

Rather than one significant way to prepare for your child future.

College Apartment Living – Be Smart About It

Who doesn’t want their own space? Who doesn’t want to brag about their brand new place with the 72” flat-screen television? Right. When we think about apartment living the great things come to mind.

Student Loans – For Bad Credit

For all who are in the situation of having bad credit and want to further their education there are a few things that you should know when trying to get a student loan, with that dreadful bad credit following you around like a black cloud.

Where To Look For Grants

Once you have decided to take that leap into graduate school and further your education beyond undergraduate, there are quite a few avenues for funding. First thing to remember is that the internet is your friend!

College Budgeting – Saving Is The Way To Go

In an era of economic uncertainty and dramatically increasing college costs, many parents find it necessary to prepare themselves financially for their children’s college education from an early age.  Fortunately, there are a number of options that can help families prepare for their children’s e