Subsidize Students, not Schools

Higher education is an important part of the economy, but the increasingly exorbitant cost of higher education in the United States is leading to an untenable situation for students, institutions, and taxpayers alike.

Reform Accreditation to Reduce Barriers to Entry

The purpose of accreditation is to ensure that the education provided by colleges and universities across the country adhere to certain standards, and in doing so ensure a minimally acceptable level of institutional quality.

Reform Financial Aid

The goals of our financial aid system are certainly admirable. Providing assistance to the less fortunate is a crucial tool to help achieve equality of opportunity. However, the system could be reformed to achieve these goals much more efficiently.

Utilize Course Management Tools

Entrepreneur Michael Clifford suggested that the next generation of students will arrive to campus as “inhabitants” of the information age, accustomed to using technology in their daily lives, whereas most educators are “immigrants.” Many students grew up with personal computers, video games, mob

Outsource Email Services

While email has greatly enhanced the communication and transaction capabilities for colleges, much of the potential savings associated with reduced transaction and communication costs are not being realized.

Digitize Academic Libraries

Historically, the university library has been a massive building at the heart of the college campus offering students a myriad of resources, including volumes of books, periodicals, and documents; staff that offer research assistance; meeting space; and access to advanced research technologies.

Reduce the Cost of Textbooks

The public discussion over the continually rising costs of college is generally focused on tuition fees and sometimes room and board, but often neglects another significant cost –that of educational books and supplies – whose growth also adds to the financial burden of higher education.

Move More Classes Online

Higher education has a history of adapting technologies that are flexible enough to fit into the existing system, while ignoring or pushing aside technologies that are not. Online education has been earmarked for the latter.

Encourage Timely Degree Completion

A major problem facing today’s higher education institutions is that many students are not graduating on time. This problem is not only prevalent in undergraduate programs, but has a large effect on graduate programs as well.