College Degrees in Order From Lowest to Highest

List of College Degrees in Order From Lowest to Highest  

Degree abbreviations, explained:
A.A. = Associate of Arts
A.A.S. = Associate of Applied Science
A.B. = Associate of Business
A.D.N. = Associate Degree in Nursing
A.F.A. = Associate of Fine Arts
A.S. = Associate of Science

Ever wonder which college degree can get you the best salary the minute they hand you the diploma? The answer lies within the realms of engineering and technology.

Thanks to a report from Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute (CERI), students on their way to college can get a sense of which types of undergraduate degrees they should pursue if earning big money right out of the gate is most important.

We assembled the ten bachelor’s degrees with the highest average annual salaries and wrapped them up into a slideshow, which you can view below. For a look at the average starting salaries for Master’s Degrees, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

The Arts

Business, Management and Economics

Community and Human Services

Cultural Studies

Educational Studies

Historical Studies

Human Development

Interdisciplinary Studies

Labor Studies

Public Affairs

Science, Mathematics and Technology

Social Science


Degree & Average Starting Salary

History - $38,361

English - $38,303

Psychology - $38,079

Special education - $38,002

Elementary education - $37,803

Anthropology/sociology - $37,672

Social work - $37,115

Pre-K & kindergarten education - $35,626

Master’s Degrees & MBAs

CERI’s research also touched on the salary prospects for those who go beyond their undergraduate studies and pursue higher degrees, like PhDs and MBAs.



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