Special Summer Issue on The Dismantling of Urban Public Education

Publication Date: 
July 3, 2013
Robert LeBlanc & Andy Danilchick

In late August we will be publishing a special summer issue of the journal on The Dismantling of Urban Public Education in Philadelphia. The issue will feature a diversity of voices on the recent budget crisis, massive layoffs and cuts to school programming, and the devaluing of public education for urban youth in the Philadelphia School District, as well as the robust response of youth, parents, educators, and communities through protest and resistance.  Commentaries will examine the detrimental impact of these cuts, and the dynamic work of parents, educators, and youth that strengthen urban public education in the face of these changes.

The issue includes articles and commentaries by Torch Lytle, Michelle Fine, Philadelphia Students Union, Teacher Action Group Philly, Teacher Research Group, Jerusha Conner, Sonia Rosen, David Sokoloff, Gillian Maimon, Sam Reed III, Donna Cooper, and Research for Action.