Philadelphia Writing Project - Project Write

Publication Date: 
May 19, 2013
Bethany Silva

The Philadelphia Writing Project is probably best known for its work with Philadelphia-area educators promoting “the teaching of writing as a critical tool for learning in all Philadelphia schools”. The Philadelphia Writing project also supports critical summer writing for high school students in out of school spaces. Project Write, a two-week camp for high school students, merges history, art, and writing through a collaboration between PhilWP, Independence National Historical Park, and Moore College of Art and Design's Youth Programs.

Over the past few months, collaborators have met to establish essential questions, determine lessons and field trips, and develop a syllabus that focuses on critical thinking, project-based learning, and the development of art and writing for an authentic audience. Some of this summer’s explorations include writing declarations with Thomas Jefferson, creating photo essays, and publishing a literary journal.

As Project Write gears up for its summer programming, Philadelphia community members can help out, too. The Philadelphia Writing Project encourages educators to distribute applications in their classrooms. And, from July 15-26, check the Project Write blog daily to read and comment on students’ writing. Help the Philadelphia Writing Project promote the teaching of critical writing by engaging in dialogue with youth about their writing.