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Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education

Call for Submissions


A Special Issue Honoring Joe Cytrynbaum

This past July, a good friend, colleague, and scholar, Joe Cytrynbaum, passed away unexpectedly at age 36. To commemorate his life and work, Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education Journal will publish a special issue, guest edited by three colleagues and friends from his time in Philadelphia - Dr. Leif Gustavson, Dr. Raymond Gunn, and Dr. Christina Collins. To compose this tribute to a remarkable person and scholar, we invite submissions which focus on the issues and passions that fueled Joe: social justice, creative expression, and youth work. His life and work were devoted to a blend of activism, scholarship, and the arts, all of which we hope to reflect in this issue.

Our goal is to create a multi-media, multi-modal document that weaves together these three themes, honoring the complexity inherent in them. Joe saw the connections among social justice, creative expression, and youth work, and understood that in order to tackle societal problems, these three issues must be in play. Our hope is to show how these themes are connected in interesting and surprising ways. Potential questions to explore: How are these issues connected? What does it mean to write with youth? How can the practice of performance art inform the practice of teaching? How can we work collaboratively to solve the pressing problems of educational inequity, global warming, and political agency? How are these seemingly disparate questions connected? And how did knowing Joe shape your own perspectives and actions on these issues?

Above all, our goals with this issue are to bring together the varied spheres of influence that Joe participated in and helped to cultivate, and to create a hybrid work of art that pushes the work forward and would make Joe proud. We are hoping to collect pieces from the wide range of communities where Joe worked, and look forward to pieces by youth, educators, youth workers, academics, and the like that embody the spirit of Joe's work and commitments. These could include research that has been published elsewhere or that you would like to publish here for the first time: reflections, remembrances, short video clips, images, audio collages, poems, stories, and vignettes, as well as materials you may have prepared for Joe's memorial services in Chicago and Philadelphia. We also welcome suggestions for other types of contributions to the issue. You do not have to have known Joe Cyntrynbaum to submit a contribution to this special issue of the Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education Journal; we ask that your submission speak to the issues to which Prof. Cyntrynbaum dedicated his life and work.

Interested contributors are welcome to email comments and queries to the guest editors of this special issue of the Perspectives of Urban Education at [email protected] Please complete the submission form found on the website (http://www.urbanedjournal.org/submit.html) and e-mail it along with your submission to [email protected] Please be sure to indicate in the subject line of your email that your submission is for this special issue. We look forward to celebrating Joe's life and work with his friends and colleagues!

Due date: January 1, 2010


Volume 7, Issue 2 – "International Perspectives on Urban Education"


Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education Journal is now accepting submissions for an upcoming issue entitled International Perspectives on Urban Education. This issue will highlight perceptions, programs, and experiences in urban education around the globe. We invite submissions that build upon any of the following ideas: How do urban schools vary in different contexts? How has globalization/internationalization shaped and altered urban education in recent years? How have schools around the world been affected by and responded to patterns of migration from rural to urban areas? Are there pedagogical approaches and curricular resources that are specifically useful in these new contexts? How will schools assume the responsibility of preparing students to understand global issues and develop fluency in multiple languages? In relation to these questions, what is the role of American and British schools in this new "globalized" world? The above list of guiding questions is not exhaustive, and authors are encouraged to consult with the editors regarding preliminary ideas.

We encourage researchers, graduate students, practitioners, policy makers, and youth to publish studies in progress, as well as findings from completed research and reflections on practice. We also welcome submissions that present content in creative ways through multimedia formats. Submissions must follow the style outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2009, 6th edition). Please complete the submission form found on our website and e-mail it along with your submission to [email protected]

Due date: February 28, 2010

Please direct all inquiries to the Editors at [email protected].